How To Re-target Your Marketing Strategy

How To Re-target Your Marketing Strategy

There are many traits that successful entrepreneurs exhibit, but two of the characteristics most needed are humility and persistence. When you become your own boss, you will not have to answer to anyone. You will not have check-ins with superiors. While flexibility and freedom to work how you want are likely two of the main reasons you wanted to become your own boss, it can also be your downfall if you’re not careful.

When you are your own boss, you must be able to self-reflect and analyze your own strengths and weaknesses. You must be humble to admit when a strategy is not working, no matter how brilliant you thought it might have been when you implemented it. If you do not close a deal, it’s essential for you to reflect and recognize why you were not successful.

However, the best agents do not give up. They are persistent, and at times relentless, in pursuit of their goal. This can apply to all stages of the sales funnel, not just the final stage. One of the areas where this is most necessary is your marketing strategy.

If someone does not open your email or does not take advantage of an introductory offer, will you give up on them and allow them to move on to the next business? Or will you be relentless in your pursuit and retarget your marketing strategy until you find something that works? If you’re interested in the latter, the tips below should be able to help.

Take A Census Of Your Audience

Understanding the size and scope of the people who are on your mailing list will go a long way toward helping you be successful when retargeting. First and foremost, you should know how many people are on your mailing list. The more people you have, the more likely you are to have success in your retargeting campaign. If you do not have as many people on your mailer, you’ll want to be particularly cognizant of your budget and how often you’re sending your mailer.

Additionally, you should look at the people on your mailer and evaluate if they genuinely have a potential need for your product. If not, you should consider removing them from your mailer. Having a subscriber’s list who needs your product can help streamline your efforts, cut costs, and allow you to produce content that creates value for your potential customers.

One way to evaluate your audience is to organize them by geographical locations. When doing so, you may discover that some regions of the country produce poor leads. For whatever reason this may be, you may want to consider removing them from your mailer and avoid targeting your efforts in that area in the future.

Use Analytics

Using analytical platforms can help you gain a better understanding of who is opening your content. These platforms are easy to install and will allow you to make much more efficient use of your time. For example, Google Analytics has a Custom Segment feature that is great for retargeting purposes, especially when coupled with Google AdWords. Google Analytics provides data including

  • Page Depth
  • Landing Pages
  • How long a user spent on your page
  • The number of visits a page received

Build A Vertical Website

Vertical websites are representative of your product, even though they may not necessarily be a part of your primary site. They are a great way to retarget potential clients. You already have a client’s email address. You can send them an email from a different website, which will make it appear as new content when in reality, it’s the same content you’ve already supplied but from a different site.