7 Key Steps For New Sales Agents

7 Key Steps For New Sales Agents

The best sales reps in the business may make it look easy, but the fact is no one is a born salesperson. Sales is a skill set that anyone can develop over time. If you are just starting out in sales, it’s important to understand a few keys to success in order to close on your accounts. These are just the basics and help you get started on the right foot. Here are the seven keys to successful selling for new reps.

Recognize Sales Is A Process

Sales is ultimately about persistence. It takes time to build your relationships, perfect your pitch, and overcome objections. So if you don’t sell out the gate, it doesn’t mean you have failed. It just means you are still in the early stages of the sales funnel. Learning some basic stats about sales can help you really understand that it is a process.

Identify And Outline Your Goals

When developing your sales strategy, the best method is to start with your goals and work backward. Want to enter a new market? Surpass your quota? Upsell on half of your calls? Once you have your goals, you can begin outlining your business plan, strategy, and tactics.

Choose Your Target Market Wisely

Leads are everywhere, anyone can show interest in your product. However, what you really want are qualified leads. You can find the most qualified leads by first identifying your target market. Who is your dream customer? Who is most likely to buy your products?

Develop Your Business Plan

Once you know your goals and your target, you can begin developing your business plan. Start by mastering the basics like your elevator pitch and identifying who are the key decision makers with your products. From there you can begin developing your sales strategy. There are tons of great advice on sales strategies that can help inspire your plan.

Embrace Team Selling

Sales may seem competitive, but the most successful and agile sales teams work together. They understand that success for one sales rep is a success for the whole team because it builds brand recognition and helps you crack new markets. Rather than competing, work with your team to empower each other to close.

Encourage Peer-To-Peer Training

Take team selling a step even further by cross training. As your team develops and grows, take note of the strengths of each salesperson. One person may be great at closing large accounts, while another may be great closing highly technical accounts, while yet another may have -standing relationships with routine buyers. Cross training among your group can help empower each teammate with the strengths of others.

Track Your Progress At Every Step

Finally, you should track your sales at every step in the process. Sales rely on good data and understanding what works and what doesn’t work. The more you track your sales efforts, the more you’ll refine your process and be more successful.

If you are just starting in sales, the marketing tools you use can also be a big factor in your success. At IgnitedAGENT, we support our partners to help them grow their market and bring in more sales. To learn more, schedule a call and we’ll show you how to take your sales strategies to the next level.